Don’t go chasing waterfalls

I’ve been in the biggest rush lately, preoccupied focused on accomplishing my goals- It’s never a bad thing but sometimes we loose sight of our surroundings & tend to move too fast for life; instead of living day by day and letting time do it’s job.

I live in NYC & I’ve noticed that many times we live in a rush (at least here we do), always racing against time. Naturally I feel like I need to hurry up with anything I am doing and move on to the next thing. Today I disconnected myself from everyone + everything and went on a hike.. I knew there were some waterfalls near me and sought after them. After a 20 minute hike (mid way to the waterfall), I felt so rushed for no reason just by habit I guess. I was feeling a bit antsy, impatient and kept rushing Joshua. .. He looked at me and said, “Karol, look how beautiful this is, just look. Don’t say anything. Just enjoy the moment.”

For some reason, those words rang in my ears and took me back to the many times my father would tell me the same thing as a little girl. I’ve always been this way; I’ve always wanted to fly knowing that I hadn’t even crawled yet. I constantly feel overwhelmed feeling low because I think “Well, I’m 22 years old and I want to do this and this and that- I should be here and there” but my biggest mistake is neglecting the fact that we all have our own internal clocks. Our own times in which we should live accordingly to. Sometimes I just feel the need to jump to the end without living through the story. Standing there in the middle of the wilderness, I reflected and thought to myself :

Good things do not happen over night.

Rome was not built in a day.

It was time to apply this to my life. I realized that sometimes it’s just better to enjoy the moment.

Live. Breathe. & let things come + let things go.

Everything will fall in it’s place.

No need to chase waterfalls…

Just go with the flow….


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