Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!

So it decided to snow today in New York; our first snowfall of the year, which makes me feel very sad because I have still been in denial that we are in December! This year flew by so fast, I can not believe it but I am looking forward for the holidays that are approaching and trying to cherish every single day that passes by until the new year. Today, Josh and I had planned to run some errands and head to Jersey for a few things but coincidentally it started to snow, which didn’t stop us from going anywhere.

Believe it or not, I did not even try with this little outfit. I put on my best turtleneck sweater and a regular ol’ skater skirt and just left. Part of the reason I didn’t try was because I seriously need to do some laundry so I just grabbed the first thing that I saw lol. (we’ve all been there before, am I right?) I think the reason this whole outfit worked out and looks extra fabulous was because of the faux fur on my lovely blazer coat and hat. In my humble opinion, I think faux fur is the best way to incorporate a more sophisticated feel to any boring outfit (not to sound cliche). I also love to blend neutral colors in one “simple” ensemble to make it look classy, which is why I decided to go for this neutral color palette; it makes it safe for you to look good for any occasion/ place (wherever the day takes you, you are guaranteed to look fashionable). I mean, hey, I’m not mad at this look at all lol!


Unfortunately, these were the only pics I got of my outfit before my camera died but shout out to bae for these pics! You’re the best!

Hat: Here or Here | Shades: Here | Outerwear: Here Similar: Here & Here | Turtleneck sweater: Here | Pearl Necklace: Here | Skater Skirt: TJ Maxx Similar: Here | Boots: H&M Similar: Here | Bag: Kate Spade

Until next time guys!



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