6 Days in Los Cabos, Mexico- What to do

Is it me or did this summer just did not feel like summer at all? (At least in NYC it hasn’t). This summer just flew by and I didn’t feel completely satisfied or ready to say my final goodbyes, so I decided to book a trip somewhere I could enjoy the sun a little more. Originally, I tried looking for something in the Caribbean or maybe even Cancun however, these places were expecting a hurricane so these locations weren’t great choices if I planned to be hugged by the sun. I still wanted to go somewhere to enjoy what remains of this season and honestly somewhere unique. Persistent enough, I found a good deal to vacation at the beautiful cities of Los Cabos, Mexico. Located on the very tip of the Peninsula of Baja California, awaited a very anticipated trip!

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5 days is not long enough for a vacation in my opinion- I could definitely go for 20 days 😜 heheh but 5 days is definitely an appropriate time to do enough to settle the thirst for adventure. With great timing and a bit of planning, you too could enjoy the beautiful cities of Los Cabos. I am going to share with you some activities I got to do while my stay in Mexico and hopefully you get to experience as well!

  • Settle in

Depending on the time you arrive will determine how much time you could dedicate to settling in and exploring your resort or hotel. When you are finally checked in, start familiarizing yourself with the hotel or resort a little. If you want to jump in the pool for a little, have a few drinks and see what the resort has to offer, go ahead! After all, this will be your home for a few days.

Below are pictures of the resort I stayed in.





resort- chess

resort poolresort poolresort salt poolresort beach chairsbeach viewbeach view sidehammocklas olassalt pool and beach side viewpool

  • Visit San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo is the capital of Baja California. It is a historical city filled with little restaurants, art galleries and small handcrafted souvenir shops. Great to experience the energy of the city and walk around the cobbled stoned streets. I went during the day while the sun was beaming directly above us (guys, it was EXTREMELY HOT) so I didn’t see much liveliness but saw little children playing on the playgrounds of the nearby schools, but I heard and read on other blogs that the vibe picks up at night and becomes much more entertaining and exciting. When I went to this city, I ate at a restaurant called Jazmin’s Restaurant where they served the best pico de gallo I have ever tasted (and I truly mean that)! After we ate at Jazmin’s we walked around and got ice cream that sadly melted the very moment we stepped out the ice cream shop. We then decided to go to the resort because it was so hot and dry out and we were still not used to the climate.

I am assuming if you decide to visit this city during the night, I’m sure you’ll do a little more than just eat and play hide and seek with the sun, as there is much more to this little city than this.

Fine Mexican HandcraftsIce cream parlorsan jose del cabosan jose del cabosan jose del cabo

san jose de cabosan jose del cabo church

If you get to visit this city, go around and explore the variety of small shops and wander through the small art galleries; I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit to this city.

What I mostly enjoyed about this town was the bright, vivid, colored block theme; it’s so appealing to the eye and makes me feel like I am in a candy land! 😋

  • Go see El Arco/The Arch 

The most iconic thing to do when you come to Los Cabos would be seeing the Arch. This is just as iconic as going to Times Square in NYC, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London.. you get the point. This is a must- if you don’t do this, it’s like you have not been in Los Cabos.

Can I just say, whoooohh!? I had such an amazing and fun time! I mean, what is so fun about seeing a boring ol’ arc anyway? Hmm, I’m not sure but this was just exciting! This is an excursion located in Cabo San Lucas, 30 mins from San Jose del Cabo. You have an option of paying to get in a small glass bottom boat or getting in a bigger regular boat; what is the difference? Well, the smaller glass bottom boat has just that, a glass bottom where you could see the little fish swim while sailing towards the Arch BUT the sailing isn’t so smooth, you would be involuntarily dancing while feeling the bumpy waves lifting and swaying the boat. Honestly, just the sound of that made me a bit sea sick so I just skipped this excitement and leaned more towards the bigger boat. The cool thing about the bigger boat, was that this boat was obviously bigger (which means you wouldn’t feel the waves as much), had more people AND included food AND DRINKS babyyyy! (Like, who would say no to free margaritas and tequila shots? Not I!)

The prices for this excursion varies; especially if you’re planning on taking the smaller glass bottom boat but I paid 80 to ride on the big boat which included free food and drinks (as mentioned above),  a quick look at Lover’s Beach and snorkeling.

We sailed about 15-20 mins before we were able to see the full Arch formations, we took pictures and then sailed away after a few minutes of admiring the Arch, another 20 minutes after we arrived in the middle of the ocean, we went snorkeling. (You cant swim near the arches because there are too many rocks below and it isn’t safe which is why we went elsewhere to swim.) My first time snorkeling and I loved it! Whenever I go swimming I never think of the fish that might be surrounding me- this time I was able to swim with my eyes opened and saw all of the fish neighboring me, this experience was pretty neat. If you aren’t intrigued with the snorkeling part of this excursion, you aren’t obligated- however, you might just be the only person not doing it lol.

el arco 

Someone caught me slipping. ha!
  • Stop by the city of Todos Santos

This city is famously known for their hotel called Hotel California. (as mentioned by the Eagles’ song Hotel California.) This is an antique little town about an hour and a half from Cabos San Lucas where there are lots of little leather souvenir shops and low key taquerias. I only had the pleasure of stopping by for 45 minutes but, if you have the pleasure in staying a bit longer, there are bars, shops, taquerias, restaurants, hotels, and many more to tour.

  • ATV Tours at Cabos San Lucas

For excitement seekers, you could try the ATV Tours at Cabos San Lucas. The tour is 3 1/2 hours not including the 30 minute drive to the desert. You might need to grab your sunscreen and some water, it is a bumpy ride!

We drove through the beautiful desert of alluring, heart warming scenery; I was in awe the whole time.

Two hours into the tour, this was the part that stole my heart the most, seeing this natural paradoxical landscape (when desert meets sea) with my own two eyes. I just wish I could die in this moment! This picture (down below) alone describes this scenery better than I could ever put into words. Such an overwhelming, exhilarating feeling and great conclusion to the whole ATV tour. I definitely recommend everyone to do this. It’s an encounter that needs to be felt individually and personally (that’s how staggering this is).

Desert meets sea.
Photographed by Karoline Bazan

  • Saying Goodbye

Unfortunately, we had other things planned but didn’t get to them because we were pressed for time and only stayed for 5 days (not including the travel) but we still managed to do a lot and had an unforgettable vacation! It was a sad goodbye for me; leaving this thrilling island behind but I realized that I brought back something I didn’t have before.. and those are memories and pictures in and of this place. I had such an amazing time and hope to be back another day!


✨P.S. Tips for saving your money:

  • Choose all inclusive resorts that way you will have meals and drinks covered and won’t have to bother buying food else where. If you decide on eating outside of the resort, try Tacos Gardenias (great fish tacos), Cerritos, Pollos de Oro, Los Claros (ceviche de mariscos- to die for) and Pescadores. These are cheap/ affordable places ($7-$15) with really good food.
  • Exchange your dollars to their Mexican pesos, by doing this, you will be saving yourself some hassle of not receiving the correct amount of change when paying with your American dollars. Plus, their currency is worth less than ours (1 dollar= 17.75 pesos) so most of the time they will pay you back in their pesos and you will be receiving way less than you actually should because of the difference in currency.
  • Bring lots of singles. If you are planning on tipping, please don’t make the same mistake I made in not having enough singles because you then wont be able to tip unless you have your larger bills to tip the people and not sure if you actually plan on spending $5 (88 pesos) to tip a person (unless you want to, which would be very generous of you).
  • If you plan on buying souvenirs, my best advice would be to check the smaller shops, they are always willing to negotiate the price especially if you are friendly with them.

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