Summer 2017 Must-Haves

Summer is finally here and in full affect! What are other ways to express your enthusiasm for this season and all of the wonderful summer adventures that awaits than expressing it through your wardrobe?! These are basic contemporary pieces that I have seen so far this summer that I think screams summer and gives away one’s readiness to stay fabulous and flawless all summer long! Ladies, get ready to SLAY! ✨


Boy, oh boyyy! I see this pattern everywhere! But may I just say, I personally can not stay away from it! My closet currently looks like a stripe fest! Ha! But hey, who’s counting?!😅






All of these tops worn by me above were purchased from Zara

 For a bolder look, try wearing any pinstripe top with a floral/abstract print! This is a nice, chic way to bring out the trending pattern.

I paired this abstract/floral pencil skirt with my pin-stripped top from H&M.

2.Statement Sleeves

Elaborate sleeves are taking over this summer!! Below are different sleeve definitions that bring out this perfect fashion forward idea!

*Off the shoulder








I am currently obsessed with this off the shoulder two-piece set from Dor L’ Dor! I wore this set to a family Birthday Luau. I wanted to channel a modern Hawaiian outfit instead of having your typical Hawaiian look with the hula skirt, so I made sure to incorporate some green hues, leafy patterns and a flower hair clip to create this Hawaiian inspired outfit! I absolutely love the way this set contoured my body; it is very petite friendly and pleasant. I enjoyed wearing this two-piece because it was both comfortable and fashionable. You will most certainly catch me wearing two-piece outfits like this one all summer long!

*One shoulder


This basic, light-weight One Shoulder top is a MUST- you could literally wear this with anything! I also have this same top in a light blue color with vertical stripes (Click here if you would like to see how I styled it). I wear this white top whenever I want to look put-together but not look like I tried too hard.

*Puffy Sleeves


This blouse is literally everything this summer. Unfortunately, this is the only puffy sleeved top that I have in my closet right now but I am most definitely purchasing more!! This one is from Zara. My secret to wearing this top is wearing it backwards. This blouse originally looks like this,

however I find that it is much more flattering to wear it so that the shirt has a v-neckline to highlight my neck and chest area to promote a longer looking torso. (My Petite Advise)


On me: Two-piece embroidered set

These embroidered pieces shown above are a great example of the perfect girly, edgy summer print. You will most definitely see lots and lots of these prints everywhere, especially the embroidered rose. My favorite thing about the 4th and 5th image is the tribal inspired embroidery. Its intricate details makes it look fancy even if it is just a simple two-piece set. No, they aren’t bathing suits but they sure look like it! Ha! (I even wore this to the pool, no one realized it wasn’t a bathing costume!) My favorite print is the embroidered rose, there’s just something about that rose that makes it look classy yet edgy and precise- this is a great statement print to rock! 🌹


4.Scalloped Edges


I have my eye on this bad boy! I absolutely love the fun detailing of the edges. It’s very girly and summery. It reminds me of a tulip! 🌷 My favorite thing about this trend is the swimwear! So far, I am waiting for my scalloped edged items to arrive, I can’t wait to style them and see the different ways I could wear them!



The “lazy shoe” as I like to call it! Ha! Ladies, let us embrace how laid back and voguish this could make an outfit look! It’s simple and you just slip them on to make any ootd look effortless!

6.Light Blue

Light blue is the true color theme this season and may I say, I think it might just linger on a little past this summer. This classic, pastel looking blue has invaded our clothing stores in such an elegant way; mixing with pinstripes, lightweight fabrics and embroidered prints. I find that this color compliments my skin tone and I’m sure other people can relate. This light, pastel blue looks very clean, breezy and poised- ultimately making this your staple summer must have!!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far! Comment which one of these trends are your favorite- I would like to know!

Stay flawless, stay fabulous! ✨



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