When in Punta Cana

Seriously guys, if you want to go on vacation but do not know where to go, try Punta Cana, you wont regret it!

Last year Josh and I decided to take a little trip somewhere in the Caribbean, we had no idea where to go exactly but we knew we wanted to get away for a few days! We went onto Cheapcaribbean.com where we found great deals on trips, to Mexico and to all of the Caribbean Islands. All of the trips were eye catching but something about Punta Cana railed us in! We booked an all inclusive trip to The Secrets Resort staying for 4 days and 5 nights.

We arrived at night and woke up to the sweet, soft, Caribbean island breeze. We were so excited to actually be away and couldn’t wait to start our anticipated vacation!

So if you are looking to go on vacation just to relax, I recommend staying at a hotel or a resort, but if you are looking to explore the culture and get to know the country, I recommend maybe Airbnb! However , whatever you do, definitely visit these places. I’m sure there are many more places to visit while in Punta Cana, but these were the ones I personally loved and I could recommend! 🙂





When in Punta Cana, we paid for the excursions prior to our arrival through the website. My honest recommendation would be to save your coins and pay for the excursion once arriving at your resort. It is possible that you will be saving yourself about $100+ if you book them in person because they are cheaper and they are always willing to negotiate 🙂

Saona Island

Saona (first image below) is a private island miles from the resort, so in order to arrive there, we needed to ride on a speed boat. On our way there, we stopped in the middle of the Caribbean where we swam in a lagoon raging between 1-4ft deep. This alone was a unique experience; swimming in the midst of the Caribbean and not worrying about drowning because the water is literally up to my waist and to add to this experience, in the middle of our fun little swim, we saw a starfish! I’ve been to the Saona Island before back when I was 11 years old, that time we saw many little starfish as well swimming along with us but coming back and actually seeing this again was really exciting.

Hoyo Azul

My absolute favorite excursion out of the three! This is a natural pool located at the foot of a 75 meter cliff. (second image below) This body of water is a cool, turquoise water about 37 meters deep (121 ft). If you do not know how to swim, don’t worry, the water all along the walls of the cave, are shallow and safe but it could be intimidating if you drift towards the center. This beautiful water is mineralized, leaves your skin nice and smooth for days ( I’m not joking, I was shocked!) Overall, such a romantic place to be and definitely serves as a really great Instagram photo!

Horseback Riding

I’ve been dying to go horseback riding for the longest time!!! I was definitely excited and happy to actually do this! My horsey’s names was “Pecaito” which means little fish in Spanish, he was so humble and just adorable. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit intimidated to ride the horse at first but after a while, I loosened up and rode Pecaito all along the ranch and along other riders for almost two hours!!




La Gente ( The People):

May I just say, the people were so charismatic and sweet! I literally felt like royalty! Out of all of the wonderful people we met while in DR, chef Manuel stood out to us. Josh and I went to this resort expecting to eat authentic Dominican food but there was nothing but american food, we were disappointed; meeting Chef Manuel was like the icing to our cake. Chef Manuel was from a town hours away from Punta Cana, humble, talented Manuel offered to take care of our stomachs during our stay. He made us the best authentic Dominican food just as we requested making us feel more than welcomed!

Our trip was amazing and fun but I could honestly say, if it weren’t for the people that we met on our trip, we would’ve never enjoyed our time the way we did! We met a couple who really made our trip the most memorable trip ever! Ginette and Pepo were traveling from Boston (around where I grew up) and were a little more experienced with traveling than Josh and I, needless to say, these guys literally saved our lives with actually knowing about interesting things to do and places to visit!!! They joined us in our fun adventures in Punta Cana and still till this day, we keep in touch!

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here, and cant wait to be back!


Fun act: My mother is from this beautiful island- which makes me proud to be part Dominican 🙂


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