Salsa Dancing in My White Jeans

I have been looking for the perfect white jeans for the longest time! If you ask me, I personally think every women should own at least one pair of white denim; as this is the most classic and basic piece that excitingly welcomes the spring and summer! As my search extended for months, I started to get impatient and I gave up on my search for the “perfect white denim”. You’re probably thinking white jeans are so easy to find, well, not for me! You see, I am a petite girl. Small hips, short, skinny legs (my chicken legs, hahah). Whenever I find jeans that I really like, they require some kind of alterations, plus, guyssss… I am extremely lazy when it comes to taking my clothes to the seamstress; I try my hardest to avoid alterations unless I absolutely can not live without that piece of clothing.

My other problem when it comes to jeans… the camel toe! I know. I know, TMI right? But let’s be real, I can’t be the only one who experiences this especially when it comes to white jeans. I feel like it becomes more apparent because they are lighter in color.. ..

Then finally, I went into Zara one day with my coworker, and there they were! These white jeans stole my heart; I knew I had to buy them. I was so pressed with time and was not able to try them on in the store but I knew I wanted them. I purchased them and hoped for the best! I tried them on and they fit like a glove, hugging me in the right places, not over powering my height AND no camel toe! 🙂 Oh Yeah!

I paired my jeans with this sexy crossover top that I’m obssesed with because it makes me feel like I can dance salsa! (And I did salsa dance in this photoshoot, which made me happy)

Top: Zara Stripped Crossover

Jeans: Zara Basic Embroidery

What I love the most about these sophisticated jeans are the array of flower embroidery on the left leg. The design definitely anticipates summer and I LOVE it!

Summer, I’m ready for you! 🙂

Shades: Ray Ban Aviators




The shoes I danced in 🙂 : Jessica Simpson



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