The Fearless Pact

You know that you have self conflicts when you place yourself in the battlefield and realize there’s no opponent but yourself. Could it be that you are your own enemy? You keep telling yourself you are not going to make it and you aren’t competent to succeed. Two of my fears in life are being mediocre and living in fear.

So many times we stop ourselves from doing things that we love or things that we just simply want to do because we are scared of what others might say or think. Not everything needs an explanation.

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But what we don’t know is that we stunt the growth of our own goals and we tend to blame it on other people, when in reality they are all irrelevant; when you are alone in a room and you look at yourself in the mirror, you realize that its actually all about you and no one else. What is your excuse for your mediocre life?

So often we get comfortable with life that we tend to just settle. We settle for our typical 9-5 jobs, our relationships, even our careers. We settle because we are scared of actually rising and going above and beyond. We even settle for our traditional daily events, living in this cycle we often call life. We do not think of striving for better or wanting better, instead we settle. We struggle with actually going out and actually focusing on our true passion. We struggle because we might not be as confident in ourselves.

Take a good look at where you are. Are you truly happy where you are in life? Are you just settling? One thing we tend to disregard is that we are in total control of our lives.

Everyday we eat the same food, attend our normal schedules, we see the same people and we call that living.

So yes, we settle.

Naked. Unfiltered. Bold. 100% Me.

We live in fear most of the time. Sometimes we live our mediocre lives because we tend to be a little scared of what people might think or that we will fail.

I live in NYC and so many times I see performers who actually sing, dance and/or act in public.. Some are really talented, others aren’t so talented. But do you think the ones who aren’t so talented care that I actually think they aren’t so gifted? I mean, if they did care, they would not be exposing their passion on a public area opened to negative and positive opinions.

This is what I call passionately living. Being fearless. Being 100% yourself. Unapologetically raw and unfiltered. Pure happiness. What’s the point of living if we are going to live in fear of what others will think, fear of failing, fear of not being good enough? You will never know, until you try.

Thinking of my mediocre life, I realized that I wanted to actually change the direction of my life. I made a fearless pact with myself. I want to be bold. Unfiltered. I want to be spontaneous. And passionate. This is the life I am agreeing to live. From now on, I am fearless.



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