I am Karoline Bazan

Welcome! My name is Karoline Bazan. I am a fashion enthusiast and an inner beauty activist. I am based in New York. I live to inspire others and to be inspired. This is a judge free zone, come as you are!

I’ve decided to start a blog for quite a few reasons:

  1. My passion for fashion: My objective is to help conquer self confidence and defeat insecurities by sharing my knowledge and experiences I’ve gained about fashion and style.
  2. To inspire & to be inspired: The same way I desire to inspire you all with my expertise in fashion, I aim to share what I like and what I’ve learned in my general and personal life to aid in activating inner beauty and drive you to finding self purpose. BUT I also look forward to being inspired by you guys as well!
  3. Embracing Differences: There’s no doubt that I want to display confidence and promote different beautiful frames, figures, styles, etc. (the different types of beauty that we tend to neglect or discard.) I want us to acknowledge and to be inspired by other types of styles targeted for different people- embracing our uniqueness and differences.

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